Photoelectric Smoke Detector (FMD-WT30L)
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Photoelectric Smoke Detector


Photoelectric Type Smoke Detector

▪ With the photoelectric sensing principle, this kind of detectors is activated more quickly, accurately and reliably, and there are no false alarm due to chemicals, exhaust gas, wind and exterior light.

▪ With stainless steel net of holes’ diameter 0.5mm Preventing from flying insects and dust particles but no barrier to smoke inflow.

▪ No harm to man and beast as no radiation source is used.

▪ Because of the compact styling and pretty outlines, it is most suitable for such modern buildings as employed in the design of decorative smooth ceilings.

▪ The photoelectric type detector ensures repeated use and by removing the cover can accomplish maintenance easily.

▪ Connection are non-polarized to avoid wiring mistakes.

▪ Universal base is interchangeable with the various type detectors base made in this company, reducing storage and installation costs.