Multipurpose heat detector (FMD-WSK701)
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Multipurpose heat detector


Multipurpose heat detector

▪ The sensitive of fixed temperature heat detector part is stabilized performance, long-term durability and least malfunction are ensured by employing a bimetal mechanism (certificated by UL)

▪ The exhaust valve of rate of rise heat detector part uses optical fiber glass capillary tubing that is heat-resistant and moisture-proof. Therefore, the fault alarm never occurs.

▪ Self-restoring ensures those elements repeated use. The sensitive part is enclosed to prevent from being moistened and contaminated.

▪ Mechanical operating principle ensure the long-term durability and the least malfunction.

▪ High-temperature-enduring plastics and fireproof material are used to build up the main body of the detector that is also nicely shaped.

▪ The base is in common with other detectors made in this company for the facilitation of installation.

▪ Connections are-non-polarized to avoid wiring mistakes.

▪ Red indicating lamp lights when detector is activated.